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Flamenco Dance Class

Flamenco Dance Class

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Learn the art of expressing your passion, joy, fun and sensuality through Flamenco dance with Natalia Cativa, an Argentine flamenco dancer who lives in Mexico and has honed her mastery in the dance form across Argentina, Mexico and Spain training with renowned teachers such as Mirta Alonso, Antonio Rodríguez, Hebe Zacco, Concha Vargas, Alejandro Granados, Carmen Ledesma, Marien Luevano, among others. Natalia has been part of the Tulum Flamenco group since 2018, working in events and shows throughout the Riviera Maya. She is also part of the faculty of the dance school specialized in flamenco "La casa de María", located in the neighborhood of La Veleta, Tulum, Quintana Roo.

Natalie’s expression of the Flamenco dance focuses on joy, creativity, personal originality and technique during the process. The classes last one hour, focused on rumbas and tangos where we will work from simplicity, the connection with the body, the sense of rhythm and compass, body expression, originality, the connection with joy, fun and sensuality through exercises of body technique, percussion, as well as musical development of Flamenco.

These classes provide elevation of self-esteem, the possibility of connecting with personal empowerment, cardio physical training and muscle tone, personal physical perception and space, empathy, joy, release of stagnant emotions, strength, connection with sensuality and with creativity as well as sense and rhythmic and musical recognition, among others.

Natalia is focused her work in body language and theatre, elements that were of great importance in the expansion of her creative expression as an artist and as a dance teacher. It was through these tools that she found the natural connection between Flamenco dance and the everyday language of human expressions being able to bring it closer to all people of any age, gender and culture, who wish to use it as a technique of empowerment, personal self-discovery and for artistic development.


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